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Yoga – sports or something more?

The idea of yoga is to care not only for the body but for the mind

Most people associate yoga with a prolonged standing handstand or intertwined on all limbs. Few know , however, that exercises are only one of the eight steps of birth yoga or so-called ” classical yoga ” .

Sport? not exactly

Until it reaches the purification of the body through various postures ( asanas ) , initiated in the mystery of yoga , there are many way to go , or at least at least two more steps to climb. So before you start with the essential practice , he should be familiar with the theory or generally speaking – to free your mind of what prevents him from thoughts fully. A ” ease and relaxation ” of consciousness , we must admit , are difficult to achieve in the world in which we are forced to live .


Seen from ” all angles ” yoga is more complex and ancient science that takes a lifetime to be studied in depth than ” exotic ” sport or fashion . Everyone has the right to ” take ” it what it needs and what it needs.

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In most sports clubs in the country will offer you to familiarize yourself with precisely the practical part of yoga , showing you and teaching you called . ” Hatha Yoga ” or basic asanas studies.

It is useful to know that each pose has been conceived so that by compression or tension to stimulate and activate different nerve centers in the body. Thus osovbozhdavat accumulated energies and improving blood circulation.

All , of course, looking for our result promises – to fight stress , so getting out of the sports club , you feel energized , happy and at peace with themselves and with the outside world .


The latter sounds great , but do not necessarily happen. Asanas have no positive effect on overall health , until you learn to do them correctly, with the corresponding cycle of breathing and exhalation.

Moreover, if during training do you think about all the problems that you are gathered lately, you better choose something else to do .

The idea of yoga exercises and the very doctrine may be able to find and hold inner comfort. And most importantly, he continues to exist even after 15 minutes in the posture “Lotus” .