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Sahaja Yoga meditation

The relationship between Sahaja Yoga and meditation

Sahaja Yoga meditation makes a leap in the evolution of human consciousness. Sahaja Yoga as a science and a system of meditation is created by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970 and is now distributed in over 100 countries worldwide. Sahaja means ‘spontaneous’ and Yoga – union with the Self (Self-realization), which is the goal of all spiritual traditions.

This knowledge is ancient, but for a long time it was available only to a few souls, it was kept in secret and transmitted from guru to disciple. In the past, Self Realization was extremely difficult. Nowadays Shri Mataji makes this knowledge accessible to all and spontaneous mass Self-realization becomes a reality, experienced by hundreds of thousands of people and strengthened by meditation. Daily meditation Sahaja Yoga is a natural process that does not require effort and is not time consuming. 424px-SahajaSubtleSystem.svg

 We live in a world filled with our various concepts and ideas because the only tool that offers our knowledge , is the mind . Since there are no rules to distinguish the true masters of crooks , many seekers of truth have been blinded and have followed different fake guru , self-proclaimed who seek money or power.

 By practicing meditation Sahaja Yoga, our awareness gains a new dimension where the absolute truth can be felt tangibly on the central nervous system. People grow spiritually without effort, as the seed becomes a large tree . Physical, mental and emotional balance are the result of the spiritual upliftment .

  • Then we realize that we dont have only a body, mind, ego, conditionings, emotions or intellect, but something  basic and eternal, which dwells in our hearts in a pure and undisturbed state.

VIDEO: Floating Yoga – improving the balance

Paddle Board Yoga or floating yoga practice surfing or other flat object on the water.

This type of yoga combines exercises hot right lately sport paddle boarding and classical yoga.

At the beginning of the course combines 30 minutes rowing one hour performance of the classic yoga asanas.

Usually floating yoga is practiced in shallow water three to four meters. The vessel (board, surfing, etc.) is attached 10 pound, like the anchor to avoid constant movement and better balance yogista.

For more advanced not necessarily add a counterweight , which allows greater expansion and movement of the board during yoga exercises.

Paddle Board Yoga develops the sense of balance , focus on objects , strength and flexibility , stabilize and strengthen different muscle groups .

The fact that this type of yoga practiced in the open air , and in particular in water for a pleasant and relaxing experience. Simultaneously train muscles and senses , which energizes the body and reduces stress.

Rowing , which is part of the floating yoga , in turn resembles a meditation technique helps to achieve complete relaxation , it’s also a good workout for the whole body .

Advantage that yoga is practiced in water is that by fall , the water is much more enjoyable , relaxing and refreshing compared to the floor in the room practicing other types of yoga .

Many thanks for the video of Rachel Brathen!