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Yoga today

Yoga is a science

Yoga is a science that leads the way in understanding human nature and its aim is to reach pure consciousness , peace and bliss in us. Yoga reveals the hidden laws that govern the mind and gives us the means to deal with emotions such as anger, remorse , guilt, envy, fear.

When these emotions we cover our vital energy depletes our body dropped , our mind is weakened . Through techniques of yoga – physical and breathing exercises , meditation and relaxation , and through the application of knowledge in daily life we recharge the body and mind, gain valuable time for yourself, for your job, for your family and for society. Yoga teaches us how to keep our balance when we are joyful and happy , and how to move successfully in stressful situations , maintaining composure . Or simply put – through yoga we take care of our body and mind, as to touch our spirit (source) that gives us energy and harmonize our life makes us happier, calmer and more successful.

Knowledge of yoga

Knowledge of yoga originated in ancient texts dating from at least 5,000 years. Ancient Indian sages in search of the essence of life achieve a high level of consciousness and reveal secrets for healthy , happy and harmonious existence. The sages called it a secret and sacred knowledge ” yoga ” and handed down from teacher to student by avoiding its promotion . Yoga was available only Indian gods as holy nectar ” ambrosia ” was the privilege of the gods of Olympus. Modern man owes his knowledge of the ancient Indian yoga sage Patanjali lived in the II- nd and I- st century BC . Patanjali collect oral knowledge and practices yoga in his famous book Yoga Sutras ( Yoga Knowledge ) .
yoga today

Today, yoga is considered as the ancient doctrine to achieve full physical, mental and moral health, way of achieving harmony with oneself and with others. Traditional medicine yoga poses first in the fight against aging. Yoga is for everyone regardless of culture, religion , background, nationality or age. Regular yoga practice and application of theoretical knowledge, develop human potential

Yoga for everyone

Sri Sri Yoga is a mild and effective program designed with the inspiration of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , integrating the various paths of yoga, especially Hatha yoga, leading to the union of body, mind and breath . This program of the Art of Living is suitable for beginners and experts of all ages. Beginners yoga are immersed in a new sense , and taught advanced knowledge and enrich the beauty of the experience. Only 10 hours course participants learn how to cope with stress and with your mind and how to recharge your body with energy. Sri Sri Yoga includes yoga positions , breathing techniques , deep relaxation and meditation and easily understandable knowledge.

Yoga for everyone

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