How to awake your creativity

“Creativity is the power to connect what seems incoherent.” ~ William Plomar

Can we really become more creative?

 Being creative is a skill that can revive  only if we are willing to do so. Each one of us has the ability to create, explore and play. Each one is set in a natural curiosity that constantly provokes the question: “How does the world create’”. Over time we have began to stifle that part of ourself.


 Usually, the human brain craves to go down the easy path, not the most creative. It is lazy by nature. When faced with a problem, the brain first looks in its database for ready solutions that have been used in the past and have been unsuccessful. He does not waste energy to generate a new solution when old ones can work just as fine.

What happens if you put yourself tempted to challenge your brain?Start putting it in different or more complex issues than those that are used to handle Then go beyond the standard and increase your creativity.

Anything can inspire us. We can increase creativity step by step.

Gain a first time experience! Take:

  • – A digital camera or camera phone
  • – Notepad and pen
  • – Folders, boxes, scrapbook, message board.

Another way to increase creativity is to change the habits and stereotypes.

Do you have a strict routine in your daily life? Do you get up at the same time,do  you dress a certain way, do you go to work as you walk down the same road every day, in two words do you move on autopilot?

This is a killer for your creativity!



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